Indiana Text Messaging While Driving Laws

AT&T has launched an initiative to educate people, especially teenagers, about the dangers of texting and driving. On September 19th AT&T is encouraging people to participate in No Text on Board – Pledge Day.

This campaign coincides with Indiana lawmakers continued efforts to propose stricter driving legislation. In July of 2011, Indiana was the 32nd state to ban texting while driving.

Current Indiana Driving Bans

  • All drivers are prohibited to text message while the vehicle is in motion. They maximum fine: $500.
  • Drivers under the 18-years-old may not use cell phones, text messaging devices or other wireless telecommunications devices.

Unfortunately, I’ve had a front row seat to one family’s struggle to answer the questions, “What if a car accident happened? Would it change our life forever?” In 2007 I represented a family who suffered immense devastation because of one person’s negligent driving.

A married father of two teenaged boys was blindsided by a semi-driver who had been looking down at his company-issued handheld device. That moment of inattention to the roadway deprived my client of the ability to ever provide for his family again. He will never work again. He will never drive again. His ability to be a meaningful partner to his spouse and a father to his sons was taken that day. His brain injuries were so severe that his neurosurgeon described the damage as an “emotional and equivalent to a frontal lobotomy.” To be sure, his family is grateful that he is alive and can sit among them. However, he is a shell of who he once was and his wife now serves as a caregiver to him and their two boys.

So, here’s my question to you, “Is that phone call or e-mail so important that you are willing to risk your life or the lives of your family and friends who are in the vehicle with you?” I have seen the tragic results of what can happen in a distracted driving case and I can tell you that no call or e-mail is that important. Pull over.

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