Vehicle Mechanic Negligence and Indiana Law

When a professional mechanic is hired to repair a car they are taking on a legal responsibility. This is because after you have a mechanic repair your car,  you should be able to trust problems are solved and that you can get on with your life. You have paid money to a professional in exchange for a certain level of service and care. But what if maintenance or repairs done on your car are done haphazardly or without the right level of expertise, and lead to further problems, or an accident that causes an injury or injuries?

Negligent Car Repair in Indiana

You might be surprised to learn there isn’t one central licensing or accrediting organization for mechanics in Indiana. But, they are still under an obligation to be honest about their abilities and perform their work with care. When mechanics don’t maintain or repair a vehicle to industry standards they are being negligent in their duties to you as a customer. This can cause further damage to your vehicle and in worst case scenarios, accidents that can lead to an injury or death. Some of the most common negligent repairs are:

  • Failing to complete necessary repairs or repairs that need to be done
    • Mechanics might say they replaced a brake pad or repaired a brake line when they did not.
  • Damaging vehicle during the repair work or leaving debris or other foreign objects within the vehicle
    • Mechanics might damage a tire or fail to replace a fluid cap.
  • Proceeding with incorrect or unneeded procedures or repairs
    • Mechanics might replace an expensive sensor, but misdiagnose the real problem
  • Using incorrect replacement parts or modifying parts in an unlawful way
    • Mechanics might use a part not designed for your car to save time or money.
  • Allowing work to be done by untrained or unqualified mechanics
    • Individuals may misrepresent their qualifications

If it is found that the reason for an accident is caused by mechanical failure due to improper maintenance, the mechanic may be to blame.

If you were in a car or truck accident and believe negligent or inexpert repair may have been a factor, it’s best to talk through the facts with an attorney.  The Indianapolis personal injury attorneys at Cline Farrell Christie & Lee want to help you move forward in life with peace of mind. From listening to your story to fighting for you in court, we’re your advocates. Contact us today for a free consultation.