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  • Indiana Moped Laws

    Indiana Moped Laws

    In Indiana, a “motor driven cycle” refers to mopeds, motorized scooters, and motorized bicycles. These vehicles are described as Class B MDC’s. Motor driven cycles like mopeds are their own class of vehicle under Indiana roadway law. There are rules …

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  • Indianapolis Regulations for Electric Scooters

    Indianapolis Regulations for Electric Scooters

    The sudden arrival of thousands of electric scooters in Indianapolis in June, and happy commuters that immediately started using them to jet from A to B, were a big surprise to the city that continues to ruffle some feathers. Indianapolis …

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  • Indiana Boating Safety

    Indiana Boating Safety

    Home to many beautiful waterways, Indiana is a great state for boating. However, like all recreational sports, boating safety is not something to overlook. While knowing the rules and regulations makes for a solid foundation, it’s also important to understand …

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  • Who Is Responsible For De-Icing Indianapolis Sidewalks?

    Who Is Responsible For De-Icing Indianapolis Sidewalks?

    A 2015 report from the Center for Disease Control shows that over 9 million people suffered a slip and fall related injury from 2000-2015. If you’ve fallen due to ice and snow or other winter weather conditions, you know how …

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  • Owning a Snowmobile in Indiana

    Owning a Snowmobile in Indiana

    Using a snowmobile for safe travel or for fun is common in the Midwest, but it isn’t without risks. In fact, February 19th, a Lafayette man lost his life when his snowmobile hit a tree. Weather and terrain are two …

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  • Indianapolis Halloween Safety Tips

    Indianapolis Halloween Safety Tips

    All Hoosiers have a favorite way to spend the spookiest night of the year, Halloween. This year, October 31 itself is a Tuesday, meaning festivities may be extended over several days, leading to even more fun, but also more risks. …

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  • The Most Common Office Accidents

    The Most Common Office Accidents

    We often think of workplace accidents happening on construction sites or in factories. But there are plenty of accidents that occur in offices every day, where people get badly hurt and sometimes sustain injuries that prevent them from continuing to …

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  • 6 Common Workplace Injuries

    6 Common Workplace Injuries

    We work with a lot of clients who sustained injuries in the workplace. There’s a common misconception that any accident sustained in the workplace is due to negligence on the employer’s behalf. This isn’t always the case and sometimes accidents …

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