Trucking Accidents

Truck­ing is a cru­cial part of indus­try in Amer­ica, but that also makes com­mer­cial vehi­cles an unavoid­able part of trav­el­ing between any two cities in this coun­try, espe­cially in Indi­ana. Weigh­ing up to 40 tons and trav­el­ing at high speeds, trucks pose a real risk to other dri­vers on the road. What hap­pens when a truck driver’s neg­li­gence leads to a seri­ous injury?

Car acci­dents are dif­fi­cult expe­ri­ences as it is, but when com­pa­nies with fleets of com­mer­cial vehi­cles enter into the mix, one acci­dent can become a large legal bur­den. Dur­ing a dif­fi­cult period of recov­ery, there are insur­ance com­pa­nies to nego­ti­ate with, finan­cial mat­ters to set­tle, and a com­pli­cated legal maze to nav­i­gate when it comes to under­stand­ing the poten­tial causes of a truck­ing acci­dent, which can include:

  • Dri­ver inat­ten­tion and error
  • Tight deliv­ery sched­ules, lead­ing to exces­sive speeds, long dri­ving times, and fatigued drivers
  • Fail­ure to main­tain equipment
  • Mal­func­tion­ing equipment
  • Traf­fic law violations
  • Dri­vers under the influ­ence of alco­hol or drugs

In this dif­fi­cult time, you need rep­re­sen­ta­tion who under­stands how to hold those account­able for truck­ing acci­dents respon­si­ble for their actions. While a law­suit can’t undo what has been done, the attor­neys at Cline Far­rell Christie Lee & Bell can help you fight for what’s fair and move for­ward with your life.

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