Cerebral Palsy

Cere­bral palsy is fre­quently a dev­as­tat­ing con­di­tion, requir­ing life­long med­ical care and treat­ment.  While the causes of cere­bral palsy are some­times debat­able, the con­di­tion can be caused by med­ical mal­prac­tice and/or neg­li­gence. Dam­age to a baby’s brain before, dur­ing, or shortly after birth caused by neg­li­gent health care can lead to the devel­op­ment of cere­bral palsy.

If your child suf­fers from cere­bral palsy and you sus­pect that the neg­li­gence or mal­prac­tice of a health­care pro­fes­sional con­tributed to cause the con­di­tion, you need to ensure that your legal rights are pro­tected. You and your fam­ily may be enti­tled to com­pen­sa­tion for your losses and future cere­bral palsy treat­ments. Please con­tact Cline Far­rell Christie Lee & Bell today for a free con­sul­ta­tion with a car­ing and qual­i­fied attor­ney who can help you under­stand your legal rights.

Types of Cere­bral Palsy

  • Spas­tic Cere­bral Palsy: This is the most com­mon type of cere­bral palsy, and its symp­toms include mus­cle stiff­ness and/or per­ma­nent mus­cle contracture.
  • Athetoid Cere­bral Palsy: This type of cere­bral palsy is marked by invol­un­tary, slow, writhing mus­cle movements.
  • Ataxic Cere­bral Palsy: The most rare type of cere­bral palsy, it’s marked by impaired depth per­cep­tion, poor coor­di­na­tion, and dif­fi­culty with quick and/or pre­cise movements.
  • Mixed Cere­bral Palsy: A child with mixed cere­bral palsy suf­fers from a com­bi­na­tion of any of the types listed above.

Med­ical Mis­takes and Cere­bral Palsy

A num­ber of med­ical mis­takes can cause the devel­op­ment of cere­bral palsy in a child. Com­mon med­ical mis­takes that may lead to cere­bral palsy include:

  • Fail­ure to Rec­og­nize Infec­tions Dur­ing Pregnancy
  • Fail­ure to Respond to Fetal Dis­tress in a Timely Fashion
  • Fail­ure to Per­form a Timely “C” Sec­tion When Necessary
  • Fail­ure to Rec­og­nize and Treat Oxy­gen Deprivation
  • Fail­ure to Rec­og­nize and Treat Meningitis

Your Legal Rights

If your child suf­fers from any form of cere­bral palsy and you feel that it’s a result of a mis­take made by med­ical pro­fes­sion­als, you should con­tact Cline Far­rell Christie Lee & Bell today for a free con­sul­ta­tion. We can eval­u­ate your case and deter­mine your child’s eli­gi­bil­ity to recover com­pen­sa­tion for med­ical costs, phys­i­cal injuries, men­tal anguish, and more.  We look for­ward to hear­ing from you and we wel­come the oppor­tu­nity to serve and assist you.