Erb’s Palsy

Child­birth can be a com­pli­cated process despite med­ical advances that have made it sub­stan­tially safer than it was decades ago. Birth injuries can and do occur as a result of med­ical neg­li­gence. Erb’s palsy is one of the most unfor­tu­nate birth injuries that can occur dur­ing deliv­ery. Sadly, thou­sands of chil­dren develop Erb’s palsy each year in the United States, and the costs and heartache asso­ci­ated with this life-long con­di­tion are substantial.

If your child suf­fers from Erb’s palsy and you sus­pect that it may have been caused by mis­takes made dur­ing your child’s deliv­ery, it is impor­tant to con­tact a qual­i­fied med­ical mal­prac­tice attor­ney to deter­mine if your child and you may be enti­tled to receive com­pen­sa­tion for your losses. Please con­tact one of the attor­neys Cline Far­rell Christie Lee & Bell today for a FREE con­sul­ta­tion to learn more about your legal rights and options.

Risk Fac­tors of Erb’s Palsy

Erb’s palsy is caused by the stretch­ing and tear­ing of nerves lead­ing from the spinal cord into an upper extrem­ity in a new­born.  This injury can occur dur­ing deliv­ery when a child’s shoul­der becomes stuck on a mother’s pubic bone and the deliv­er­ing health care provider fails to take well known safety pre­cau­tions to pre­vent injury to the child dur­ing deliv­ery and, instead applies strong trac­tion on the child’s head to free the stuck shoul­der.  Use of strong trac­tion by the health care provider in this sit­u­a­tion can cause dev­as­tat­ing, per­ma­nent nerve injuries and impair­ments in affected chil­dren.  Fac­tors that increase a child’s risk of sus­tain­ing Erb’s palsy include:

  • Vagi­nal deliv­ery of a very large baby
  • Improper use of vac­uum suc­tion or forceps
  • Exces­sive trac­tion applied to a baby’s head dur­ing birth
  • Abnormally-shaped or nar­row mater­nal pelvis
  • Mater­nal obesity
  • Small mater­nal stature
  • Pro­longed labor

If you sus­pect your child’s con­di­tion is a result of a mis­take made dur­ing deliv­ery, you may be eli­gi­ble to file a legal claim for your child’s and your own losses.

Your Rights

There are laws in place that pro­tect vic­tims of med­ical mal­prac­tice, includ­ing those who sus­tained Erb’s palsy as a con­se­quence of a health­care professional’s neg­li­gence.  Please con­tact us today to speak with an expe­ri­enced and com­pas­sion­ate attor­ney who can eval­u­ate your med­ical mal­prac­tice case at no-cost and deter­mine your best course of action. If med­ical mal­prac­tice is found to be the cause of your child’s con­di­tion, you may be enti­tled to recover dam­ages for past and future med­ical costs, phys­i­cal injuries, emo­tional stress and more.  We look for­ward to hear­ing from you, and we wel­come the oppor­tu­nity to serve and assist you.