Surgical Errors

Sur­gi­cal tech­niques have improved dra­mat­i­cally over time with the advances achieved through med­ical sci­ence and research. New machines, new tech­niques, and new med­ica­tions have all made the process of per­form­ing a suc­cess­ful surgery smoother. How­ever, sta­tis­tics show that sur­gi­cal errors still occur all too fre­quently, result­ing in severe emo­tional, phys­i­cal, and finan­cial harm to a patient.

If you or a loved one has suf­fered seri­ous injury or death as a result of a sur­gi­cal error, you may be eli­gi­ble to recover your losses through a med­ical mal­prac­tice law­suit. Please con­tact us today to speak with a qual­i­fied and com­pas­sion­ate med­ical mal­prac­tice attor­ney who can eval­u­ate your case at no-cost and inform you of your legal rights and options.

Com­mon Types of Sur­gi­cal Errors

There are sev­eral types of errors that most com­monly occur dur­ing a surgery as a result of the neg­li­gence or wrong­do­ing of a med­ical pro­fes­sional. Every year, thou­sands of peo­ple suf­fer the dev­as­tat­ing effects of such sur­gi­cal mis­takes, including:

  • Incor­rectly placed incisions
  • Use of equip­ment that isn’t ster­ile, lead­ing to seri­ous infections
  • Dam­age to nearby organs or nerves
  • Pro­longed surgery
  • Wrong site surgery
  • Wrong patient surgery
  • Leav­ing an instru­ment inside a patient

Your Legal Rights

If you or some­one you love has suf­fered seri­ous harm as a result of sur­gi­cal errors, it is impor­tant to know that you do have legal rights. There are laws that pro­tect vic­tims of med­ical mal­prac­tice and allow you to file a claim to hold the doc­tor, nurse, hos­pi­tal, or other health­care pro­fes­sional respon­si­ble for your dam­ages. You may be enti­tled to seek com­pen­sa­tion for your losses includ­ing med­ical costs, pain and suf­fer­ing, lost earn­ing or income capac­ity, loss of enjoy­ment of life, and more.

Because of the com­plex­ity of most med­ical mal­prac­tice cases, it is essen­tial that you con­sult with an expe­ri­enced and proven attor­ney who can eval­u­ate your case, pro­tect your legal rights and inter­ests, and help you get the com­pen­sa­tion you deserve. Please con­tact Cline Far­rell Christie Lee & Bell today for a FREE ini­tial consultation.