A slip and fall acci­dent typ­i­cally involves a sit­u­a­tion where a per­son is injured by slip­ping or trip­ping and falling due to a dan­ger­ous con­di­tion on a prop­erty. A fall can take place both inside and out­side and can result from poorly main­tained floor­ing, wet floors, poorly lit steps, weather-related con­di­tions, and hid­den defects. Icy patches, a large crack in a side­walk, or a large pot­hole are also con­di­tions that can cause a seri­ous slip and fall injury. Slip and fall injuries can hap­pen any­where, and often occur at gro­cery stores, depart­ment stores, in park­ing lots, and on side­walks when own­ers fail to prop­erly main­tain their premises.

While some peo­ple, par­tic­u­larly the insur­ance indus­try, tend to make light of slip and fall acci­dents, the con­se­quences of a fall can be severe. A slip and fall acci­dent may result in a seri­ous injury, such as a head injury, trau­matic brain injury, spinal cord injury, her­ni­ated or buld­ing discs, bro­ken bones, a neck injury, back injury, shoul­der injury, knee injury, and mus­cle and lig­a­ment injuries.

Com­mon Causes of Falls:

While falls occur for var­i­ous rea­sons, the fol­low­ing are com­mon causes:

  • Bro­ken stairs, bro­ken steps, and dan­ger­ous stair­wells or land­ing areas
  • Dan­ger­ous side­walks, large cracks in side­walks, and potholes
  • Defec­tive light­ing, inad­e­quate or inop­er­a­tive lighting
  • Slip­pery or wet floors
  • Fail­ure to warn of haz­ardous or dan­ger­ous conditions
  • Fail­ure to cor­rect haz­ardous or dan­ger­ous conditions
  • Ten­ant slip, trip and fall injuries caused by land­lord negligence

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