Pharmaceutical Drugs

Mil­lions of Amer­i­cans take pre­scrip­tion drugs and over-the-counter med­ica­tions to aid in the treat­ment of var­i­ous med­ical con­di­tions, such as arthri­tis, severe pain, high cho­les­terol, men­tal dis­or­ders, and heart prob­lems. Unfor­tu­nately, many injuries occur each year in the U.S. due to these pre­scrip­tion and over-the-counter drugs.  Patients are gen­er­ally harmed due to dan­ger­ous side effects, with some of these injuries result­ing in death.

Many med­ica­tions have been mak­ing news recently as the result of recalls and warn­ings regard­ing the seri­ous health risks and side effects asso­ci­ated with their use.  The fol­low­ing drugs have either been recalled or warn­ings have been issued regard­ing the seri­ous side effects that they may pose to users:

  • Vioxx
  • Cele­brex
  • Zyprexa
  • Ephedrine
  • Bex­tra
  • Crestor
  • Paxil

Listed below are some of the many dan­ger­ous side effects that have been asso­ci­ated with some phar­ma­ceu­ti­cal medications:

  • Birth Defects
  • Heart Attack
  • Heart pal­pata­tions
  • Hyper­ten­sion
  • Insom­nia
  • Mem­ory loss
  • Numb­ness in the extremities
  • Severe car­diac problems
  • Stom­ach aches
  • Stroke
  • Tremors
  • Vom­it­ing

Unfor­tu­nately, it has become a com­mon occur­rence in the U.S. for med­ica­tions to be recalled due to seri­ous side effects only after mil­lions of inno­cent patients have taken the med­ica­tion in an attempt to treat a health con­di­tion.  If you or a loved one has suf­fered as the result of a defec­tive or dan­ger­ous drug, please con­tact one of the lawyers  at Cline Far­rell Christie Lee & Bell who have expe­ri­ence han­dling cases involv­ing defec­tive and dan­ger­ous drugs for a free con­sul­ta­tion. We will be happy to eval­u­ate your poten­tial case and advise you as to your legal rights and options.  We look for­ward to hear­ing from you and we wel­come the oppor­tu­nity to serve and assist you.